One day, one minute N 4

Now, this is no crime, but the jury’s still out on what could possibly be the motivation for the actions of a man in northern Peru. Meet Peru’s Man of Steel – and copper and all sorts of other shiny stuff. Doctors surgically removed more than half a kilo of nails, coins, wire and other assorted odds and ends from this man’s stomach. The 26 year-old construction worker said he’d been eating the pieces of metal from his worksite for months. His only explanation: He called it a sport.
(November 12, 2009, CNN, 2/2010)


1 Why is the subject of this article called a “Man of Steel”?
A) He is metal magnate.
B) He works with steel.
C) He was filled with metal.
D) Doctors gave him metal parts.

2 What was this man’s motivation for eating metal objects?
A) Wealth
B) Amusement
C) Professional advancement
D) Greater physical strength

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