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And some North Korean residents are facing nightmare of their own. That’s after the government decided to revalue the nation’s currency. It’s also limited just how much old money can be traded for the new stuff. Now, the exchange value is 100:1, meaning 1,000 won is now worth just 10 won. According to South Korean media reports, millons of North Koreans rushed banks to cash in their won for euros or U.S. dollars. (December 2, 2009)
CNN, English Express, 3/2010
New words:
won солонгосын мөнгөн тэмдэгт           revalue ханш өсгөх, нэмэх
resident оршин суугч, иргэн                   face нүүрлэх
nightmare хар дарсан зүүд                    decide to do шийдвэрлэх,
currency мөнгөн тэмдэгт,                      trade a for b худалдах,
stuff юм,                                               exchange value солих ханш
be worth тэнцэх, дүйх,                           according to үзснээр
rush to дугаарлах, оочерлох,                 cash in a for b солих
euro евро,                                             limit хэмжээ, хязгаар,

A How much is one new won worth in the old currency?
A)    10 won
B)    100 won
C)    1000 won
D)    The exchange is prohibited
B How are many North Koreans reacting to the change?
A)    They are taking in their won for foreign money.
B)    They are leaving the country.
C)    They are trading in new wor for old won.
D)    They are exchanging won in illegal markets.

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