ACMS Announces New Mongolian Visiting Scholar Program in 2011

The new ACMS Visiting Scholar Program provides funding 
support for 3-12 week short-term visits by Mongolian scholars 
to US universities and academic research centers to work with 
US based counterparts on collaborative  projects and public 
outreach activities. The Program is supported by the US State 
Department Educational and Cultural Affairs 
Bureau (ECA), and is intended to build ties between Mongolian 
and US scholars and to increase understanding about Mongolia in the 
United States. Project proposals in all academic fields are eligible. 
Applications for the program must be submitted by a 
US host institution representative on behalf of an invited 
Mongolian scholar.
Visits to the US must begin between September 1 and 
December 31, 2011 
and up to four awards will be made.

This program is intended to fund non-degree, scholarly exchange 

activities.  Applications are due by April 1, 2011 and must be submitted 
by individuals affiliated with US universities or academic research 
institutes authorized to 
sponsor Exchange Visitors on J-1 visas.  
For application details visit (www.mongoliacenter.org/exchange) and for 
questions contact:info@mongoliacenter.org 

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