102 –year- old Student

A 102-year-old grandmother has become the world's oldest primary school student after going back to school in China, the Daily Times reported on Wednesday.

Ma Xiuxian, from Jinan, Shandong Province, started work in a cotton mill at the age of 13. But she always longed for the chance of a proper education and has now gone back to school to fulfill her ambition.

"I feel very happy that I can finally realize my dream of going to school at this age," said Ma. With the great support by her youngest son, Yi Fengxin, she could go into her grade at Weishan Road Elementary School for the first time.

After her first lesson, she was asked to say a few words and said, "Thank you, teacher! Thank you, my classmates! I'll study hard and do my contribution to the country." She uses hearing aids to make sure she can hear the teacher, and uses a magnifying glass to help her read her text books. 

Korea Times, 06 April, 2010

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